Rebecca Ahmed speaking on stage

Rebecca Ahmed

Brings the ENERGY, IMPACT and analytics that are transforming organizations from the inside out…

Say goodbye to the cost of high turnover, low engagement and team-wide inefficiencies with THIS ONE (finally measurable) factor…

International Keynote Speaker Award Winning Leadership Coach Committed to help organizations reinvigorate their workforce Energetic Leadership Index master practitioner™ (ELI-MP) International Keynote Speaker Award Winning Leadership Coach Committed to help organizations reinvigorate their workforce Energetic Leadership Index master practitioner™ (ELI-MP)

“Energy is the currency of today”

It’s no secret that our personal energy is a driving factor in how satisfied and successful we are. But did you know that this ‘E-factor’ is also driving workforce trends, and creating hidden opportunities to:
Graphic image that says "Empower & Energize the Workplace of Tomorrow"

Attract Top Talent

Energized workplaces have compounding effects. Try these practices to let leadership and innovation THRIVE!

Bridge the Gen-Z-Gap

Strengthen team communication and synchronize diverse work cultures with these perspective-shifting insights.

Solve “Debbie Downer”

Low morale: Low productivity. Learn how to empower team members to FEED GOALS, not extinguish them!

Master “The Gift of Remote”

Learn how to see hidden opportunities in our digital, post-pandemic workforce .

Be “The G.O.A.T”

If you don’t already know what that is, you may be losing out on top talent and losing opportunities to unify your workplace (here’s why…).

Meet Rebecca Ahmed

meet Rebecca

Award-winning Speaker, Author and your new
‘Chief of Energy Officer’

How often have you found yourself inspired to DRIVE CHANGE only to be met with nothing but resistance and bad attitudes?

An accomplished People’s Service (HR) Leader and eldest of eleven children, Rebecca knows all too well the pressures (and disappointments) of trying to convince a room full of people to move in a singular STRATEGIC direction.

*cue chaos and complaining*

The trick? Assess, recalibrate, synchronize and optimize their energy! Rebecca has used these same leadership principles to help guide teams through $2B mergers and ignite “top down change” in companies with over 190,000+ employees
Is yours next?

Rebecca is a Certified Coach and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and sought-after keynote speaker who brings “The Energy of Success” to stages and events worldwide.

3 Steps to Shift Towards
Energized Success

#1) ASSESS where each person’s energy is actually at. Is it helpful and motivating (constructive) or is it weighing them and everyone else around them (destructive).

—We can actually measure this now, using the The Energetic Leadership Index Assessment™>

#2) RECALIBRATE your energy by learning how to recognize and shift it through every challenge and opportunity that presents itself (I’ll show you how!)

#3) SYNCHRONIZE & OPTIMIZE your efforts by locking in on the driving force of personal and shared values. Trust me, THIS is a game changer…

Photo of Rebecca
Nichole Radcliff, Enterprise Director of L&D Caesars Entertainment Inc.

I would recommend Rebecca to any organization. She instantly connects with people and lights up the room with her positive energy. She's had a profound impact on our attendees.

Carlos Appiani, Vice President Johnson & Johnson

Such a fantastic session! It was inspiring, engaging and you could see the immediate impact on our OCMO Community and how this is positively contributing to everyone’s life!

Kinkini Sarkar, Quality Director Alpha Omega Integration LLC

Rebecca, Thank you for the very insightful seminar at the Elevate workshop today! You opened my mind to a very important aspect of working on my values and brand that was missing till now! I’m very grateful and registering for another session already!

Kaitlin Barttelt, Master Esthetician and Attendee of Bitter Grace Boutique's Women's Empowerment Retreat

What a breath of FRESH AIR! I loved seeing Rebecca speak. She is so energizing, positive, down to earth and RAW. I really found myself connecting with her authenticity, transparency. So if you are looking for someone cookie cutter, please keep looking!

Rachel Harmston, Enterprise Account Manager Varonis

Rebecca delivered an electrifying speech, captivating the audience with energy and enthusiasm. Her presentation was not only engaging, but profoundly inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present. A true professional, Rebecca elevated the event and motivated us all to strive for excellence.

Here’s how Rebeccas is helping to
— Bring the Energy —
to schools, teams and workplaces:
Rebecca Ahmed speaking on stage

Speaking & Events

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Energy Assessments

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Don’t wait for things to get better, make them better with these 5 TIPS to STRATEGICALLY BOOST YOUR ENERGY. Plus: find out how to drive BIG SUCCESS by locking in on your core values.

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