Energetic Leadership Index Assessment ™ (ELI)

Master your energy.
Master your opportunities.

Discover how the way you see the world and your ‘sense of self’ within it plays a significant role in how you manage obstacles and harness opportunities.

  • Includes a custom 12 page report and virtual debrief session with Rebecca to better understand your results and and immediately integrate recommendations at home and at work.
  • Identify key areas that are draining your energy (and possibly others around you too!)
  • Connect with a deeper, measurable understanding of how your satisfaction really does drive your success (and what you can do to create more of it!)
Rebecca is an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and an award-winning Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) who specializes in helping high-achievers lock in on their “energized success formulas” and recalibrate every area of their lives for deep fulfillment.

How are you showing up in the world right now?
For yourself, and for others…

Are there days where you wake up feeling magnetic and unstoppable (knocking goals out of the park, energized by your dreams and drawing people to you who can’t wait to help you make things happen).

Or days where it seems like no matter what you do, nothing works. You’ve tried everything, no one is helping, it all comes down on you and it’s just too much to handle. “Stress is an understatement” 🙄

In all cases your “E-factor” is at play…

Photo of Rebecca

“Everyone is a leader; either by choice or by default

The Energetic Leadership Assessment™ (gives leaders, organizations and professionals a tool to better understand how their ‘average resonating level of energy’ [“E-Factor”] is either having an ‘anabolic’ (constructive) or ‘catabolic’ (destructive) impact on everything and everyone around them.

For one of the first times ever, this lets us take the guesswork out of all those ‘mindset, motivation and morale boosting’ investments we’ve made, and give it a quantifiable, sharable model we can use to better understand and move our energy through.

Photo of Rebecca

Consider it like your “GPS to success”

The Energetic Leadership Index is one of the best investments you can make in yourself (and your team) because of the proven, effective strategies that show you how to master your energy and:

  • Reliably accomplish goals
  • Positively impact others around us
  • Unify efforts and diverse perspectives
  • Manage setbacks and opportunities
  • Overcome self-imposed limitation

And so much more!

Each Assessment comes with a personalized (1-on-1 or group) debrief with Rebecca herself, to help guide you through key areas that will have the biggest impact on your professional and personal life.

“It’s the perfect roadmap for individuals and professionals going through periods of change, unrest or seeking measurable optimization because of its ability to set benchmarks and comparable data across organizations.“

Stop guessing. Start energizing.

Saleema Vellani, Founder & CEO Ripple Impact

Rebecca is one of the best coaches I've worked with. I really enjoyed her methodological approach to coaching coupled with her intuitive, results-driven, go-getter attitude, which is contagious. I went from cloudy to clarity and she is excellent at following up while being incredibly resourceful in multiple domains. Rebecca is also an inspiring motivational speaker and brings a lot of authenticity and boldness that shakes up emotions and has a huge impact. I highly recommend working with Rebecca as a coach and selecting her as a speaker!

Rachel Harmston, Inbound Sales Development Representative Varonis

Rebecca honestly possesses the most amazing energy on this planet. She is a free-spirited, light-radiating BOSS. Her coaching style is empowering, real, fun, and eye-opening. Upon meeting her you will immediately feel strength and confidence, and every time you meet with her following, you will become a bit more of who you're aiming to become. I recommend her coaching to all fiery females.

Audrey O., Student UNLV

Rebecca is an amazing coach. I just finished my freshman year of college, and she helped me throughout half of the year. Not only did she help me learn to handle my stress, but she also pushed me to achieve my fullest potential. Rebecca is flexible with scheduling but always available as a support system. I didn’t know how helpful a coach was until I started seeing Rebecca. Now, as I enter the “real world” I have a repertoire of tools to aid in my success as a woman and doctor!

Alev Sezer-Jacobs, Digital Operations Manager AAAS (Consulting Client)

Rebecca is an asset to our organization. Highly-competent, poised and confident, Rebecca has an aptitude to lead, think critically and engage strategically. I’ve had the honor to work with her on a number of projects (both for her company as well as mine.) Her vision and drive far surpasses many professionals I know who’ve had decades of industry experience. Rebecca is also an excellent public speaker and has the ability to use storytelling techniques in a fun and compelling manner. Great potential for any individual or firm seeking high-impact results in a short amount of time.

Carrie Matthews, Director of Talent Accelevents

Rebecca has an uncanny ability to see in others what they may not yet see in themselves. Since she entered my life I've been able to see things differently than I ever have before and my outlook is different in terms of what is possible. The work I've done with her on values has been instrumental in my personal and professional life and ensuring I'm living the happiest and most fulfilled life possible. She tackles problems for clients without judgment and doesn't shy away from helping them wrestle through tough topics. I highly recommend her coaching and services to anyone wanting to get out of their own way!

Sellena Ramsey, Director of Benefits & Systems Moore

When I finally took the plunge to work on my own career growth, I didn’t know what to expect. Rebecca’s coaching approach was calm and driven by first learning about me and my goals before pushing any agenda or plan. This felt totally customized. I work on really involved projects, finding myself busier than I wanted to be, and was in a scattered frame of mind. Rebecca taught me that even as a consultant, it’s ok to 1) be very clear on your value and what you want from a project or client and 2) SAY NO when the project doesn’t align to your values.

Anthony McTaggart, IT & Opex Consultant AJC (Consulting Client)

I recently went through a stint of not feeling like myself. Luckily, my path crossed with Rebecca Ahmed, and the energy she exemplified spoke directly to me. Rebecca coaches with real life, thought-provoking, instances. She is a trusting listener, who is nothing less than supportive, knowledgeable, and a clear communicator. Rebecca is more than a subject matter expert. She is so enthusiastic about what she does for others and this behavior draws her audience in which connects to their core. As a leadership coach, Rebecca gives insight to think about things in a different light, which has instilled best practices to lead with curiosity. I am so grateful to have spent time with Rebecca and all the energy she shares. It’s definitely contagious!