Energizing Excellence

Igniting Your Spark for Increased Workplace Engagement

Do you notice that some people around your office appear to lack excitement and focus?

Do you know anyone who seems bored at work?

Do you notice that some people around your office appear to lack excitement and focus?

Are you looking to reboot a team that is burnt out and lacking energy?

Surges of lethargy at work are completely understandable. They happen because our connection with our work is similar to our personal relationships: both require energy, effort, and innovation to keep the relationship exciting and stimulating.

Rebecca Ahmed, called the “Chief Energy Officer”, infuses audiences with enthusiasm for their work. She’s the anti-boredom, anti-burnout antidote speaker who leads people to discover what naturally invigorates, energizes and excites them most about their work and shows them how to hold onto that passion for their own and their company’s greater good.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rediscover what interests each person most about their role and/or industry and leverage these discoveries to reinvigorate their current role.
  • Reconnect with the focus that brings joy, excitement and a deeply satisfying sense of achievement that comes from a job well done.
  • Recognize the importance of celebrating one’s accomplishments and challenging ourselves to grow our expertise each day.
  • Get clarity on the unique value in curiosity, creativity and focus.
  • The value of rewarding our own good behaviors and micro-achievements.
  • Realigning our values with our mission to confidently drive energetic actions towards our goals.
Audience members will explore why they first got into the industry, reflect on what they’ve achieved so far, and learn how to use these reflections to infuse joy into the milestones they will achieve ahead.  The result? A motivated group of people eager to excel at their chosen career path. Every participant will walk out of this session feeling much more confident about their purpose. and ready to infuse their work with their personal passion to achieve ever-greater professional heights