Energize Your Gen Z Talent Magnet: Five Innovative Strategies for Attraction and Retention

Are you hiring Gen Z workers…but not keeping them?

Do you find it difficult to communicate, manage and motivate this generation?

Are you confused by their work ethic, values, and attitudes?

Generation Z is putting their stamp on history as the nation’s most diverse generation. They constitute a quarter of the population, and by 2025, they will represent 27% of the workforce. What does this generation’s makeup mean for your business? It means a shift in culture and energy!

Rebecca Ahmed has extensive insights into Gen Z, having successfully hired, managed, coached, and motivated these unique workers across many departments and industries, in various roles and positions. In this energizing presentation, business leaders, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, managers, and/or team builders will finally be able to really understand what engages this future generation of leaders, and how to get them enthusiastic about their work and workplace.

Rebecca will reveal the five critical action steps that every company must take to build sustainable employee attraction pipelines and to develop innovative retention strategies which are custom-made for the Gen Z workforce.

Here’s what you will be able to do once you hear Rebecca speak:

  1. Craft an inclusive environment – all people, all races, all beliefs, all types – and really mean it.
  2. Standardize your processes with transparency, personalization, flexibility, and efficiencies. That will level the playing field.
  3. Creatively amplify your brand by leveraging Gen Z’s powerful inherent social media platform in your own favor. If they like you, they will share you.
  4. Build innovative, fun, colorful training programs into your workflow to get new hires off on the right foot and keep them running in the right direction.
  5. Prove your desire to enrich your community with real world actions, value-driven impact and clarity of purpose.

Rebecca’s compelling presentation reveals not just the what it takes to lure in and keep Gen Z as workers, customers, buyers, and community members – but she also unpacks the “how” so that companies and their leaders understand the long- and short-term impact of onboarding new strategies with Gen Z in mind.

When companies understand what attracts or repels this up-and-coming powerhouse generation, they will be increasingly adept at effectively attracting, managing, engaging with, and harnessing the power of this true force of nature.