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Welcome feedback to get your first job: Collaborate to inspire confident communication skills — HR Future

Throughout the article, Rebecca amplifies organizations that are providing extra training to younger recruits who are facing challenges with communication and collaboration. The author, an Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner and Professional Certified Coach, offers three recommendations for Gen Z individuals entering the workforce to improve their communication skills: practice with those who understand their values, prioritize feedback from ideal customers, and seek feedback from diverse perspectives challenging their viewpoint.

Opening the lines of communication: Fostering a ‘to you’ vs. ‘about you’ workplace culture – Today’s Hotelier

Hotel leaders grappling with vague negative reviews on platforms like Glassdoor can take proactive steps to foster a ‘To You’ workplace culture. This article recommends five key strategies: expressing gratitude and commitment to feedback, leading with curiosity to solicit insights, collaboratively taking action on identified issues, openly communicating progress, and consistently seeking proactive feedback through surveys at various touchpoints. By embracing these steps, leaders can transform employee feedback into a constructive tool for continuous improvement and motivation, creating a psychologically safe environment that encourages open communication.

Moving From Command & Control to Coaching & Collaboration: Rebecca Ahmed of Energetic Impact on How Leaders and Managers Can Become Better Coaches - Authority Magazine

Rebecca Ahmed, founder and chief energy officer of Energetic Impact, discusses her energetic leadership style, the importance of coaching, and strategies for effective leadership. She emphasizes the importance of leading with values, a driver for motivating Gen Z. Ahmed’s top coaching tops include leading with curiosity, continuous learning, and collaboration, providing insights on coaching a multi-generational workforce and demonstrating emotional intelligence.

5 False Stereotypes About Gen Z That Every Employer Should Know –

The article addresses and discredits five stereotypes about Generation Z in the workforce. It emphasizes that Gen Z is not selfish but guided by their values, not lazy but highly motivated when tasks align with their values, not resistant to orders but prefers directions and feedback, not claiming to know everything but seeking alternatives, and not bound by traditional definitions of success but prioritizing a balanced and fulfilled life aligned with their values and energetic impact. The author encourages understanding Gen Z’s passion, energy, and purpose to create a motivational workplace culture.

Pay Transparency Doesn't Mean Salary Negotiations Are Off The Table - Employee Benefit News

Rebecca Ahmed, the founder and chief energy officer of Energetic Impact, emphasizes the importance of pay transparency laws in job postings to bridge pay gaps and create a more equitable experience. Ahmed recommends employees research the market value of their roles and advises employers to be open to negotiation, fostering a collaborative approach to compensation discussions. She highlights the significance of creating a culture of curiosity and partnership in compensation conversations, suggesting tools like PayScale for transparent communication and involving HR to ensure fair packages that build and energized and motivational workplace culture.

How Organizations Can Make a Broader Change to Create a Motivational Workplace Culture - HR Frenzy

Rebecca advocates for a transformative shift in organizational culture to create a motivational workplace. She highlights two key steps: prioritizing honesty over harmony and fostering a culture built on diversity, transparency, personalization, flexibility, and efficiency. Drawing on a personal experience in NYC to emphasize the positive impact of honesty, she stresses the importance of these cultural elements in energizing the workforce and achieving sustainable synchronization.

Rebecca Ahmed: Energizing and Impacting Lives - WomLead Magazine

Rebecca Ahmed’s passion for philanthropy was sparked by a childhood incident in Pakistan, where she learned the power of leading with curiosity versus judgement. This experience influenced her career trajectory, leading her to establish the business consultancy firm “Energetic Impact,” focused on enhancing individuals and organizations’ energy for success. Through her expertise, she advocates for building motivational workplace cultures based on values such as diversity, transparency, personalization, flexibility, and efficiency, aiming to bring teams together and leverage their energies for personal and professional growth.

How To Deal with A Toxic Work Environment - Elite Daily

How to navigate and cope with a toxic work environment, offering advice from career experts. This artiplce emphasizes recognizing signs of toxicity, such as feeling drained and excluded, and provides strategies for improvement, including reaching out to HR, using anonymous feedback tools, and setting clear boundaries in remote work. The experts also offer guidance on handling specific toxic situations, such as dealing with a toxic coworker or boss, addressing credit-taking, negotiating for fair compensation, handling gossip, and staying productive in challenging work environments.

Energy Matters - Energetic Impact - Subkit

Rebecca Ahmed, an award-winning speaker, business consultant, and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, shares insights on creating a motivational workplace culture through her expertise in personal energy. As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), she guides companies in rediscovering passion, fostering positive cultures, encouraging self-expression, and managing responses to external challenges to enhance overall employee well-being and performance.

Rebecca Ahmed Of Energetic Impact: How Diversity Can Increase a Company’s Bottom Line - Authority Magazine

Rebecca Ahmed, an energy expert, HR professional, and founder of Energetic Impact, shares her journey into People Services and her passion for energizing people and workplaces. She emphasizes the importance of curiosity, drawing lessons from a monkey sanctuary, and highlights the value of diversity in exposing biases, sparking curiosity, enhancing communication, boosting morale, and fostering innovative solutions. Ahmed encourages business leaders to cultivate a culture of curiosity and align organizational values with team drivers, aiming to create an energized and motivated workplace culture. She expresses a desire to have a private meal with Evelyn Webster, CEO of SoulCycle, recognizing the brand’s impact on her life and its alignment with energetic success principles.

How To Lead with Curiosity to Fall Back in Love with Your Job - Pick the Brain

To reignite energy and passion for your job, lead with curiosity by asking three key questions: 1) Reflect on what initially interested you about your role or industry and integrate those aspects back into your work. 2) Identify areas where you can become an expert in your field, fostering continuous learning and growth. 3) Understand how your role aligns with your overall purpose, emphasizing the impact of your actions on the end consumer to energize your passion and sense of purpose.

How To Leverage Three Energetic Principles to Become a More Effective Leader - Wellbeing Magazine & Apple News

To be a more effective leader, focus on increasing your energy level by leveraging three energetic principles: 1) Lead with Curiosity, creating a safe space for open questions and diverse perspectives. 2) Cultivate Creativity by encouraging playfulness, innovation, and collaboration, fostering an environment where creativity thrives. 3) Celebrate Each Success to inspire your team, honor innovations, and elevate the energy within the organization.

Rebecca Ahmed: Five Things Business Leaders Can Do to Create A Fantastic Work Culture - Authority Magazine

Rebecca Ahmed, an award-winning speaker, business consultant, and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, discusses her journey into people services (HR) driven by a passion for diversity. She emphasizes the impact of personal energy on workplace culture, highlighting the need for transparency, diversity, personalization, flexibility, and efficiency to create a motivational work environment. Ahmed shares anecdotes, including her experience giving a TEDx talk, and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing honesty over harmony for a broader positive shift in the US workforce’s culture.

Career Corner: 5 Action Steps to Communicate Your Transferable Skills - Talent Culture

A practical guide for individuals contemplating a career change, offering five action steps to effectively communicate transferable skills in today’s dynamic job market. This article emphasizes the importance of pre-work and research, identifying and communicating transferable skills, integrating these skills into resumes and LinkedIn profiles, leveraging resources and networks, and mastering the interview process using the STAR method. The comprehensive approach aims to empower individuals with energy at any stage of their career transition, providing valuable insights and tools to enhance their job search and stand out to potential employers.

Talent Acquisition Toolkit: How One Simple Formula Can Move the Needle to Compensation Equality for All - Recruiting Daily

One simple formula organizations can use to move the needle on compensation equality! Education + Transparency & Personalization + Authentic Conversations. Use this formula to highlight the importance of educating hiring managers on market data, promoting transparency in compensation packages, and fostering authentic conversations to fine-tune salary alignment within market ranges, ultimately aiming to attract top talent and eliminate bias in the hiring process. The article suggests that by following this formula, organizations can make data-driven decisions and create a fair and inclusive compensation model.

The Future of Talent Acquisition: Gen Z And a Culture of Inclusion - NACE

As Generation Z becomes a significant force in the workforce, it’s important to highlight their impact on reshaping workplace culture towards diversity and inclusion. This article emphasizes the need for organizations to reflect, reevaluate, and implement innovative strategies in talent acquisition, including updating job descriptions for inclusivity, creating a standard interview process, expanding searches within communities, partnering with local nonprofits and associations, and establishing early partnerships with educational institutions. The overarching goal is to foster intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion as integral components of the recruitment process and fundamental drivers in organizational decision-making.

Stripping Away Bias, One Avatar at a Time - Forbes

The article explores the impact of a virtual workplace on compensation structures and advocates for greater transparency and personalization. Rebecca advocates for increased transparency, market-driven pay calculations, and personalized total rewards to address compensation inequalities and enhance workplace energy and productivity. The virtual environment, where individuals are represented as avatars, is seen as an opportunity to evaluate employees based on performance rather than biased perceptions, emphasizing a shift towards fair and data-driven compensation practices.

Trending Forward: How to Leverage the 3 C’s into the Next Phase of Workplace Strategy - TLNT - The Business of HR

Explore the evolving trends in HR and workplace strategy, particularly in the context of the current high unemployment rates and low engagement. This article emphasizes the importance of focusing on the three C’s—Communication, Compensation, and Culture—to navigate the changing landscape successfully. Thought–provoking questions for organizations to consider in reshaping their future strategies, a valuable resource for managing the next phase of the workplace.

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