Empower Your Journey

Making Energized, Value-Aligned Decisions for College Success

Do you find yourself lacking confidence each time you make a decisions?

Energize Your Values-Driven Solution

Do you find yourself lacking confidence each time you make a decisions?

Are you constantly living in fear of the unknown, which makes you doubt the feasibility and possibilities of your decisions?

Whether it’s career decisions, family decisions, financial decisions, marriage decisions, or general life decisions, the first step to achieving success in your decisions is trusting and being confident about them.

Ever wondered how much time people spend worrying about the choices they make in their personal and professional lives? Surveys show a substantial amount of time, as daily stress continues to reach record highs, with more Americans reporting they are suffering from anxiety as a response to stress over any other reaction.

Award-winning speaker and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner, Rebecca Ahmed, will share how you can energize your values to confidently make decisions that align with your vision and mission. Rebecca will break down limiting beliefs and educate the audience on creating values-driven solutions for any challenge that comes their way. She will share case studies on how to align one’s values with their choices, re-purposing wasted energy previously spent on worrying, and energizing action steps towards their goal(s).

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover three easy steps for identifying and defining your values and motivators.
  • Recognize limiting beliefs currently holding you back from confidently making decisions that support your goals and mission.
  • Understand how to customize energetic principles to create action plans to achieve your specific objectives.
  • Strategically align your values to your solutions to make confident decisions that immediately and permanently increase your energy and reduce your anxiety.

Audience members will identify their values and motivators using the three simple steps Rebecca will unveil. She will be there to offer guidance at every step and help you internalize the technique as you progress.

Once you recognize your values and motivators, you can easily align them to your solutions and balloon your energy levels. With greater energy comes clarity and determination, two core elements for making confident decisions and eliminating unhealthy beliefs.