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Boston 25 News with Elizabeth Hopkins

Rebecca joins Elizabeth Hopkins on Boston 25 News to discuss workplace trends such as “lazy girl job”, “quiet quitting” and energy in the workplace. She dives into Gen Z’s goals and outlook on work-life balance and gives tips on how to find a better work-life balance. 

Interview with Newsmaker Marketing

In an engaging interview with NMM, Rebecca Ahmed delved into the captivating topic of energy at work. As the driving force behind Energetic Impact, Rebecca passionately shared her insights and experiences related to harnessing and optimizing energy in the workplace.
There is a lack of engagement and motivation at work. This lack of engagement and motivation directly ties to low retention, low productivity, and high turnover costs. In this episode, the Founder of Energetic Impact, Rebecca Ahmed, pulls back the curtains on what it takes to energize our people.

RecruitingLive! – One Simple Formula To Add To Your TA Toolkit with Rebecca Ahmed

For this episode of RecruitingLive!, hosted by William Tincup, he and Rebecca discuss how to work past biases and misconceptions in talent acquisition through approaching data with an analytical mindset rather than personal feelings.

Office Hours with David Meltzer - #354

In discussion with Host David Meltzer and colleagues David Moreno and Mike Mumola, Rebecca had the opportunity to explore the idea of constructive v. destructive energy and how to channel that energy into your life day to day.

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast with Mitch & Ginny - EP #103 Rebecca Ahmed: Leadership Techniques in Raising Energy Levels in Hybrid Work Teams

On this episode of Team Anywhere Leadership, Rebecca is interviewed by Mitch & Ginny to discuss the fostering of energy and vigor in teams. Rebecca covers the seven levels of energy and how to achieve higher levels of energy in the workplace in order to promote teamwork and innovation.

TedX: Building a Motivational Workplace Culture: Reinventing Compensation

Rebecca gives a Tedx talk about empowering leaders. She gives three recommendations on how leaders can build motivation in the workplace. Rebecca shares real life examples and data to show how a company can increase their energy, productivity and retention.

Thirty, Flirty and Surviving Podcast: Your Energetic Impact

Rebecca joins the Thirty, Flirty and Surviving Podcast to discuss valuable tools that can help you improve your energetic state and how your energy can impact those around you in both your personal and professional life. Rebecca also dives into the seven zones of energy.

Diversified Game Podcast - Rebecca Ahmed Gives The Game On Being A Chief Energy Officer

Rebecca had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kellen Coleman, host of Diversified Game Podcast, discussing her experience as a Chief Energy Officer and how people and organizations can energize themselves to increase productivity and excitement in the workplace.

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