Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

This is what happens when you bring in a
Chief Energy Officer
to be your catalyst for change.

Rebecca Ahmed is an award-winning speaker and Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner who has cracked the code on how to energize and empower audiences with her uplifting, data-backed research that shows:

“When you shift your E-factor you change everything (and everyone) around you”


More opportunities for yourself and the workplaces you contribute to by shifting into Creator & Connector mode


The way you align your goals, energies and emotions with value-driven decisions in
Helper & Collaborator mode


The effects of anxiety, fear and doubt by learning how to recognize (and shift out of) Antagonist & Victim mode

So what is your ‘E-factor’ and why does it matter?

How satisfied are YOU in life right now? Do you feel effective, inspired, and in control? (Amazing!) Or more often than not, do you find yourself feeling helpless, ineffective and drained?

Studies now show there is a direct correlation between our “energy levels” (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical energy) and our overall sense of satisfaction. Here’s where it gets even more interesting though…

Your “E-factor” is a measurable reflection of how satisfied, energized, effective or destructive you are in relation to your goals, environment and those around you. Companies and individuals can now benchmark and assess their energy levels using the Energetic Leadership Index™ Assessment as a powerful tool for optimization and strategy.

Rebecca Ahmed, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

For Individuals

Here’s how it works: The more satisfied you are, the more effective and contributive you become as an energy system (producing high-performing ‘constructive’ energy). On the flip side, you are in lower-energetic states (often accompanied by feelings of victimhood, conflict and apathy), we produce ‘destructive’ energy, which has a stagnating, destructive impact on the people and systems around us.

“I think we all know someone who’s destructive energy has drained us, and the life out of our projects— knowing how to move your energy through the index increases your awareness and confidence to handle stressful situations in more empowering ways”

For organizations

Using the Energetic Leadership Index™ we can finally gauge how our team members are actually showing up as an “energetic system”. From here, we can empower them to recognize the impact their energy is having on those around them and build tangible pathways to guide personal and organizational change through…

Most Requested Keynotes

For Workplaces

Energizing Excellence: Igniting Your Spark for Increased Workplace Engagement

Surges of lethargy at work are completely understandable. They happen because our connection with our work is similar to our personal relationships: both require energy, effort, and innovation to keep the relationship exciting and stimulating.

Rebecca Ahmed infuses audiences with enthusiasm for their work. She’s the anti-boredom, anti-burnout antidote speaker who leads people to discover what naturally invigorates, energizes and excites them most about their work and shows them how to hold onto that passion for their own and their company’s greater good

For Schools

Empower Your Journey: Making Energized, Value-Aligned Decisions for College Success

Do you find yourself lacking confidence each time you make a decisions? Are you constantly living in fear of the unknown, which makes you doubt the feasibility and possibilities of your decisions?

Whether it’s career decisions, family decisions, financial decisions, marriage decisions, or general life decisions, the first step to achieving success in your decisions is trusting and being confident about them.

For Schools

Nichole Radcliff, Enterprise Director of L&D Caesars Entertainment Inc.

I would recommend Rebecca to any organization. She instantly connects with people and lights up the room with her positive energy. She's had a profound impact on our attendees.

Carlos Appiani, Vice President Johnson & Johnson

Such a fantastic session! It was inspiring, engaging and you could see the immediate impact on our OCMO Community and how this is positively contributing to everyone’s life!

Kinkini Sarkar, Quality Director Alpha Omega Integration LLC

Rebecca, Thank you for the very insightful seminar at the Elevate workshop today! You opened my mind to a very important aspect of working on my values and brand that was missing till now! I’m very grateful and registering for another session already!

Kaitlin Barttelt, Master Esthetician and Attendee of Bitter Grace Boutique's Women's Empowerment Retreat

What a breath of FRESH AIR! I loved seeing Rebecca speak. She is so energizing, positive, down to earth and RAW. I really found myself connecting with her authenticity, transparency. So if you are looking for someone cookie cutter, please keep looking!

Rachel Harmston, Enterprise Account Manager Varonis

Rebecca delivered an electrifying speech, captivating the audience with energy and enthusiasm. Her presentation was not only engaging, but profoundly inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present. A true professional, Rebecca elevated the event and motivated us all to strive for excellence.

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