Freebie: Values-Driven Solution Assessment

Ignite your energy
Ignite your confidence.

Discover how the way you see the world and your ‘sense of self’ within it plays a significant role in how you manage obstacles and harness opportunities.

Have you ever poured your energy into a relationship, program or job only to find yourself bitter, broke or deeply unfulfilled?

Have you caught yourself feeling wildly exhausted and daydreaming about doing something else, anything else….

Are you feeling pressured, stuck or out of touch with your goals (and afraid to tell anyone about it?)

Chances are you’re operating out of some old beliefs, and with someone else’s values. But don’t worry, we will realign you with your values and what matters you YOU most!

The Value-Driven Solution Assessment was designed exclusively for Rebecca’s clients to help them “drop the BS and figure out what really drives you”
Rebecca Ahmed, Speaker, Coach, Consultant
“Living aligned with your true values fuels your energy and focus, transforming everything you touch with an immediate sense of purpose and fulfillment”

MISTAKE #1: If you are out of sync with what you really want, you’re out of sync with what really motivates and drives you.

MISTAKE #2: You can work 2-10x as hard as anybody else and still not see the results you want because (spoiler alert) you’re out of alignment.

THE GAME CHANGER: It’s hard, but until you drop the BS and get really honest with yourself you’ll keep finding yourself drained, chasing someone else’s idea of success.

Ready for WAY more energy?

The Value-Driven Solution Assessment

Shows you exactly where you may be contradicting your own success (and sabotaging your own efforts). It highlights where you’ve gone off path, and pin-points how to realign yourself it when the challenge comes up again…

Clarity and Purpose:

Uncover your core values, providing a clear understanding of what truly matters to you most. This newfound clarity becomes the compass guiding you towards a purpose-driven life.

Motivation and Drive:

Your values become powerful motivators, effortlessly propelling you towards your goals. This intrinsic motivation enhances your commitment and determination, making the pursuit of your objectives a natural and fulfilling journey.

Reflect and Review:

The assessment offers you a unique opportunity to reflect and review your challenges. By aligning your actions with your values, you gain clarity on areas where you have and have not been in alignment. This self-awareness is a transformative step towards growth and positive change.

Personalized Solutions:

Tailored solutions emerge as you align your actions with your identified values. This personalized approach ensures that the strategies and actions you undertake resonate with your core beliefs, amplifying your effectiveness and success.

Increased Energy and Focus:

Living in alignment with your personal values sparks a renewed sense of energy and focus. Experience a heightened vitality as you channel your efforts towards endeavors that authentically matter to you.

This is your chance!

Stop chasing the idea of success.
Let it come to you, on your terms.

The Value-Driven Solution Assessment is a complimentary resource provided by award winning speaker, author and coach Rebecca Ahmed; she specializes in helping students and professionals re-align their energy and efforts to not only “accomplish more” but live seriously fulfilling lives.